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Dueling Guard

EV 2.5 Don Flamingo Elite Deck Box (Pre-order June Delivery)

EV 2.5 Don Flamingo Elite Deck Box (Pre-order June Delivery)

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The deck box you've been waiting for. With unrivaled material and quality, Dueling Guard is proud to offer a deck box as innovative as you are!

Don Flamingo


Crafted from fine vegan leather and held together with thirty-four commercial grade neodymium magnets, this deck box is built to last. Each deck slot can house 80 standard sleeved cards for a total of 160 cards. The removable dice tray is designed to act as a secure storage case, but also as a dice cup to prevent cheating. The interior of each slot is lined with microfiber cloth to allow for easy card extraction and to prolong the life of your sleeves.

Oh and did we mention? It's completely modular, so you have the option to change the configuration, or even swap out the internal colors with future releases.

Ships in June

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