Product Updates

Pre-Sale Products

Our products are limited-production and offered in pre-sale to give our customers the opportunity to secure their copy

Delivery widows are included in our product description

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to anytime and we are happy to help!

  • Wave 5

    Current Status:

    Fulfillment In progress!

    [2-14-2024 - 2-28-2024]

    (all pre-order will be fulfilled in a 2-week fulfillment window)

    questions or issues reach out to


    • HXH
    • Shield Hero
    • Grand Line Treasures
    • Prince of Saiyans
    • Sage Mode
  • Wave 6

    Current Status:

    Manufacturing stage 1

    In the beginning stages of production (Printing)

    April Delivery


    • Three Captains
    • The Struggler v2
    • Spirit Detective
    • Solo Leveling

  • Wave 7

    Stay tuned for details

    SUMMER 2024!