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Davidson TCG

(Pre-order) Three Captains Anime Art Cards

(Pre-order) Three Captains Anime Art Cards

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Introducing the Dueling Guards Collaboration with Davidson TCG:

Dueling Guard X DavidsonTCG
Three Captains Alternate Art Cards!


This exclusive set features the iconic characters Luffy, Law, and Eustass Kid brought to life with the precision and expertise of DavidsonTCG!
Each card, a standard 2.5in x 3.5in size, boasts a textured finish and premium holographic effects. The characters' vibrant colors glisten under different lighting conditions, creating an enchanting display that adds depth and dimension!
These custom Anime Art Cards cards are sure to turn heads as a Token , Field Center or Alternate Leader for your favorite TCG
Elevate your gaming experience, celebrate legendary captains, and showcase your passion for TCGs with these exclusive Anime Art Cards! 
*Limited quantities! Don't miss the chance to get yours – order your set today while supplies last and embark on an extraordinary journey!
Ships in Wave 6 Fulfillment May 2024
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